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Champions know that if you improve your technique by only 1% each day, then the compounding effect will make you proficient in the gentle art at a top level.

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The definitive program for improving your bJJ in only 30 days or less

latest updated version in the zJJ series. idea for beginners and starters

the latest concepts for taking your BJJ to the next level

NEW Battle Tested Psychology for Unstoppable BJJ Performance

The discussion about LEARNING bjj that I've been waiting for. I hesitated for a few days before buying it, or even downloading the free sample. Frankly, I've blown a lot of money on supplemental materials for BJJ that are all collecting dust on a bookshelf or drawer somewhere. Finally I ended up reading through the sample. When I came to the end of it, I clicked the "buy now" link without pausing

Steve Word

bjj practitioner

Good book for anyone interested in getting better. This book is not a short cut to jits greatness(because there are no shortcuts). However, Staark does provide you with a blueprint for greatly improving your game. IF you were to follow the advice given in this book, there is no doubt in my mind you would see an immense improvement in your game.


BJJ Blue belt

Hi there

Who is Oliver Staark?

A proven strategy to improve your BJJ Game.

Your Jiu Jitsu journey can be littered with obstacles along the way. From injuries to training plateaus, from promotions to competitions the path can be a long one. What you need to stay motivated (and Oliver provides this in his books) is a variety of detailed strategies - each designed to help you solve a specific BJJ obstacle.

Oliver writes his books for a wide array of Jiu Jitsu students. They can be 55 year old white belts all the way to 25 year old brown belt competitors. What separates him from the other Jiu Jitsu publishers is his ability to explain complex topics in a no-nonsense, straightforward manner. He doesn't promise the world, but always delivers step-by-step strategies and concepts you can implement right away.

A 2nd degree black belt under Roger Gracie and the owner and head coach of RGA Bolton in the UK.

From my Books...

How to use a Training Diary and Create a training Habit

A short pencil is better than a long memory. From being a blue belt I have always kept a training diary containing all the details I needed to improve. An essential (and simple) tool that makes a massive difference.

Breaking the Guard and Passing ... the Right Way

Passing Guard is an essential skill. I find a lot of bottom players ignore this component or have a rudimentary understanding of how to put a sold pass together.

How to Remain Relentless on Your BJJ Journey

There are two simple (not easy) ways to remain relentless on your BJJ Journey. The steps are (1) Be Systematic and (2) Stay Committed. These two concepts and the steps to employ them are covered in detail in Human Chess

The Best Training Hacks that will Blow Your Mind

Most of the simple techniques that can expand your game are not the broad brush techniques that we all learn. To make progress quickly, you can add small 'tweaks' (or invisible jiu jitsu) that will take your game to another level!

my proven system

My system is for you if:

You are a NEW Starter
You are thinking of giving BJJ up
Lost or Confused in your game
You need some Concepts to Improve
You need YOUR best Guard and how to Utilize it

My system is NOT for you if:

You have everything dialed in
You don't need to learn anymore
You're a Black Belt
You have no interest in coaching
You're a World Champion, and don't need to consider BJJ Improvement

The things I love to teach

Concepts and Systems
Simple hacks to Improve
Guard Systems
Techniques that work
Using Pressure
Long Term Strategies
Philosophy of BJJ
Teachable Coaching
Energy systems
Fitness Management

There are so many other concepts and strategies that can be covered within the framework of jiu jitsu. I started quite late in the day (39) and had to employ a lot of learning in a short space of time to keep up with my younger (and often stronger) training partners. I love to teach how the BJJ lifestyle can be a whole lot more than just strangling people.


Worsley, Manchester,
M28 3AU, UK


A series of books and manuals to help any student of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu improve their game. Instead of working on techniques, they contain concepts, methodologies and strategies for the long term.

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My "Official ZJJ Training Log" free

Here is the download for the ZJJ Official Training Log. I’ve also included the ‘Don’t Break the Chain’ poster that Jerry Seinfeld uses and another couple of resources to help you along your journey. You can get it here!