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"I liked the simplicity and found guidance here. One of the problems I run into in BJJ is that Day 1 is not a fundamentals class, its just a class like any other. You learn fundamentals along the way, mainly through trial and error. Yes, the coach or instructor will point out not to cross your feet in an armbar or how to trap the foot, trap the arm and bridge, but you learn the hard way that getting cross faced is bad. This fuels the terminator, and I really like how this book touches on how to deal with that terminator as well as fundamental mentalities. Jocko Willink says that guidelines take you further than directions. This book is how to THINK Jiu Jitsu. Everyone should read this and then follow up with Jiu Jitsu University, and I will be coming back to both frequently for sure. Great read!"

Grayson Hackler

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I was struggling like you are today but I can help

Like most students who train in BJJ I was on the verge of calling it a day. After discussing my shortcomings with my coaches and professor I was given a new insight into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. With these new strategies and concepts under my belt I went on to become a second degree black belt under Roger Gracie.

Just like most techniques in Jiu Jitsu the answers were simple, but counter intuitive. If we try to fix these problems by just muscling-through then it takes a long time and takes a lot of the fun out of training. 

Using some of the concepts and strategies contained in the Zen Jiu Jitsu books you can speed up your progress and have fun doing it.


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A series of books and manuals to help any student of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu improve their game. Instead of working on techniques, they contain concepts, methodologies and strategies for the long term.

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